01.A Brief History
of Dominic Jacob

Dominic Jacob is a UK based Creative Director, Front-End Developer and Composer, who previously co-founded Not Studio.

Starting my design career at Coggles over 11 years ago, I worked with numerous fashion and design agencies before co-founding Not Studio in 2015.

After leaving in 2019 in order to move to York in the North of England and pursue other projects ranging from music to small start ups, I have since started mentoring and working alongside other companies.

02.Design Philosophy

Originally inspired by Architecture while growing up (especially Frank Lloyd Wright), I believe design is a form of art built on top of structure.

With no pre-planned notion of how the end product will appear. The usability and the flow of the final design requires fluidity during its building process.


More of a passion than work. I taught myself guitar at a young age to the sounds of Bruce Springsteen. In recent years, having moved onto writing and composing original pieces, I have been delving more and more into different genres in the search of creating something truly unique.